About David B. Goldstein

David B GoldsteinA management consultant, coach, speaker and the originator of the “creative-type” concept, David speaks about how everyone can be creative in their own way using their natural strengths. He is the author of the best-selling book: Creative You: Using Your Personality Type To Thrive, published by Simon & Schuster.

To remain competitive, every person and organization needs to act more creatively.

David guides clients to become more engaged and productive by finding their unique creative style, and to become better at generating, selecting, and executing ideas. Through his speaking he advises organizations in building collaborative teams within environments that promote innovation.

David is a researcher with a science background and an M.B.A. in Management of Science, Technology and Innovation, who uncharacteristically is also an internationally recognized artist. His exhibits were featured in the South China Morning Post, Where Magazine, Orientations Magazine, and Hong Kong Magazine among others. He was commission by the Pan American Health Organization/WHO to create their symbol to promote and protect human rights and David was invited to speak before a global televised audience for World Health Day.

As an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years, David founded an early digital imaging company, pioneered one of the first Internet startups, and created an award-winning web-directory company. David also founded a research firm specializing in intellectual property, providing clients with information on the novelty and infringement of patents. Over the years, he has served as a consultant to technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, and government agencies. David has spoken at the Association of Psychological International’s Conventions, written for The Bulletin of Psychological Type, and posts the Courageously Creative blog.