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Bellevue University – March 2017

Bellevue University

Radio/TV/Google Hangout Interviews

#k12artchat April 2016
Creative Warriors Podcast May 2015 – LISTEN HERE
City Radio – December 12, 2014 – LISTEN HERE
Healing Artist Podcast
Creative You December 2014 – LISTEN HERE
5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers
Creative Minds are Building Bridges

Starting around 1:45

The Small Business Advocate

Voice America

Past Articles and Speaking Engagements

Creative Summity 2016
Link to podcast no longer available

Stylist UK What kind of creative are you? How to identify and maximise your skills

Huffington Post 8-16-15 5 Myths About Creativity We Should All Stop Believing 8-24-15 5 mitos que debes olvidar sobre la creatividad

dose of creativity 7-8-15 Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive

Career Crossing 6-17-15 Take Another Look: See your old job from a new perspective

Library Haul! #GirlBoss, A Beautiful Mess, Myers-Briggs, and MORE! Watch on YouTube HERE. 3-20-15 Our Four-Lettered Selves

Northern Virginia Association for Psychological Type (NoVA APT)
Featured Speaker: December 2014, Fairfax Virginia
Using Type To Find The Creative You – Thursday, December 11, 2014 at OKA

infjcacofony INFJ’s Misunderstood Creativity…

always-well-withinDo You Know Your Personality Type?

kristin-webb-wrightOur Four-Lettered Selves

header-clplogoJob and Career Education Center Staff Picks

Things About Being Creative That Just Aren’t True

The 13 Most Common Myths About Creativity in Business Debunked

INTJ Wikipedia

Leadership Lessons from Over 200 Thought Leaders

A Poet’s Double Life
How Poetry Can Change Your Personality

APTi-Logo-square-200November 13, 2014 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
Being the Creative You

Bellevue University, College of Business, Nebraska
Featured Speaker: M.S. Organizational Performance HAIKUS: December 2013

Lake Barcroft Newsletter, October 2014
“Helping Budding Belvedere Artists With their ‘Values’ Mural”

Marco Polo Club: Falls Church, VA September 26 2014
A Perspective of an ExPat on Hong Kong

The Work At Home Woman – Four Ways to be More Creative at Work

The Truth About Creativity with David Burkis – June 2-6 – Featured Expert
Join David Burkus, author of The Myths of Creativity, and 30+ experts on creativity and innovation as they explore the truth about how the most creative companies and people REALLY generate great ideas.

Creativity , Personality Type, and Coaching

Creativity and Wellness Summit – Thursday May 22nd
“Finding Your Creative Style Using Your Natural Strengths”

Cheap Joe’ Art Stuff – Book available for sale

Using Your Personality Type to Improve Your Creative Practice

Artist Think Creative Spirit David B. Goldstein

young-upstarts Improving Creativity Is Easier When You Learn To Leverage Personalities

self-promotion-introverts Creative Bliss for Introverts – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

amex logo
10 Ways to Bring Creativity to Every Part of a Business

law-practice-today Turning “Creative Differences” Into Your Greatest Strengths

Huffington Post GPS for the Soul Huffington Post GPS for the Soul – 5 Things about Being Creative That Just Aren’t True

huffington-post-the-third-metric Huffington Post – How Creative Are You? (QUIZ)

huffington post – 6 Irrtümer über Kreativität

healthy beginnings
Healthy Beginnings Lifestyle Magazine – How You Can Give Creativity This Holiday Season

smart-mom-picks Smart Mom Picks – Tips for Getting in Touch with Your Creative Side

beyond words
Beyond Words – Finding the Creative You-Guest Blog From Author David B. Goldstein

creativity forum
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 – Speaker – State of Creativity Forum 2013

Speaker: U.S. Humane Society Senior Management Retreat:
“Collaborating Using Your Natural Creative Style” 11/14/13

Kaarina DillaboughDecide To Do : Q & A with “Creative You” Author, David Goldstein

Expert Access Radio ShowSeptember 15th Interview: Take Action To Be Creative Article: Find Your Creativity

Kelly GaleaTurning Your Creative Differences into Your Greatest Strengths
September 18 Radio Interview with Kelly Galea on From Corporate to Creative

City World Radio NetworkCiti Radio on September 24th

conscious connectionMeet Your Creative Self

small biz club
Does Your Personality Type Affect Your Business?

33 Voices
33 Voices – Sept Radio show (20 min audio inteview and 35 second audio clip)
Slideshare: 10 insights to ignite your creative spark on demand

Miami Herald Blog
Increase creativity at work and still have work life balance

“Do You Want to Be Creative?” by Daylle Deanna Schwatz

Innovation Excellence
Your Personality, Creativity and Innovation

psycology today logo Part 1 – Creative Bliss for Introverts
Part 2 – Share your sandbox strategically
Part 3 – What does play look like without dancing on the table?

the-artists-roadWhat is Your Creativity Type?
Mapping the Narrative Lines of Your Story
Discussing Creativity with Creative You Co-Author David B. Goldstein
The Delicacy of Providing (and Receiving) Criticism

Creative – Win a copy of Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive

Rich – “Creative You” — Find your secret to accessing and optimizing your creativity

Hennessy Reps Inc. – David Goldstein & Courageously Creative

6 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

How You Can Give Creativity This Holiday Season – Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive

Mondays Podcast by Ann Holm – 037 Ann Holm (about 23:15) Introvert or Extravert: Which Personality Type Are You?

Business Reads Today: Business, Creativity and Personality Types – An Interview with David B. Goldstein

Skip Prichard Leadership Insights: 3 Myths About Creativity

Jamila Qatar Book Bazaar

Self-Promotion for Introverts® Blog: Creative Bliss for Introverts – (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Improving Creativity Is Easier When You Learn To Leverage Personalities

PR David B. Goldstein
International Artist helps Everyone to Become More Courageously Creative through His New Blog
January 26, 2011, New York City

Exhibition Showcases Atmospheric Perspectives through the mindset of International Watercolor Artist
January – Early April 2010, Washington DC

Exhibition Showcases Impressions of Asia through the Eyes of International Watercolor Artist Beaches, Boats, Waves and Water At the Fringe Club
November 6 – 13, 2007 Hong Kong

Walk and Experience “The Art of Travel” with watercolor artist David B. Goldstein
At The Landmark for the full month of October 2007 Hong Kong